Grad from Georgia Lauds Joint European & Intl Business Law Programme

Mykolas Romeris University joint Master’s Degree European and International Business Law (EIBL) programme graduate, Tamta Kenia from Georgia, lauded studies at MRU.

She is a graduate of the Master’s Degree Law programme offered in conjunction with France’s University of Savoie.

Kenia has recently begun working in the Tbilisi Court doing legal revision and analyses of upper court decisions.

“When I finished studies in Georgia, I felt the need to go overseas in order to develop knowledge from an international perspective and explore the world,” said the law student, who graduated at the top of her class at MRU.

“I chose Lithuania as one of the safest and greenest countries in the EU. MRU offered a Master’s Degree in “European and International Business Law.” After reviewing the program, I was convinced it was a well-planned and comprehensive study program with the ability to obtain a double diploma. I was never disappointed,” Kenia said.

During one study year In Lithuania, I had the opportunity to attend lectures conducted by practicing lawyers holding high positions both in the Public and Private sector, she noted.

In addition, she said students had the possibility to take part in international conferences and work closely with “incredible people” and forge close ties with fellow students and colleagues.

Throughout the second study year, we were lucky enough to study in Savoie, France, near the well-known Alps, she said.

Due to studies in France, Kenia said her French skills were enhanced.

“Being part of this program gave me a great sense of accomplishment and personal growth,” she said.

“The quality of studies, both in Lithuania and in France, the will of administration to develop and make the program more attractive, and the friendly atmosphere that MRU provided, allows me to encourage anyone considering a Master’s abroad, to come to Vilnius!”