ETVmns3-01 group: Semester in Chambery (Autumn 2014)

ETVmns3-01 GroupAfter the first year of studies of European and International Business Law (L.M.M.), we stated our second year of studies at Savoy Mont Blanc University. The first month in the region of Savoy has left for us an indelible impression. Here is a beautiful, magnificent and vibrant nature that inspires with energy, and at the same time gives gentleness, happiness and positive thoughts. Maybe it is the reason why a famous French philosopher, writer, political theorist, educator of 18th century J. J. Rousseau drew inspiration in the region of Savoy (including our town Chambery). Here, between the clouds and breathtaking nature, it seems that you can breathe in more truth about the surrounding reality.

It is said that people in the region of Savoy is the most calm all across France. Moreover, they have great conditions to engage in sports, especially outside. The climate here is a bit warmer than in Lithuania. We already felt some cooling, but while going/cycling to university, we strongly warm up. To the appropriate campus building we have to take a significant number of stairs step and to calm down our breathing. Despite this and the fact that we live 921 feet (281 meters) above sea level (the highest Lithuania place is only 12.8 meters higher!), we didn’t lack determination to look around from the top of mountains. We have been walking, cycling, climbing a dozen or even several dozens of kilometers and we already took summits of three mountains (heights of up to two kilometers). Mountains here are of the heigh of several kilometers usually and beyond them we can find the Mont Blanc which is of 4811 m. This mountain we already sow and it can be seen in the picture with a flag of Lituhuania. Symbolically the top of almost every mountain one can see a large cross. Towards the mountains to which you can climb easily go significant number of people of all ages, usually with special sticks. We saw and little babies and some mountain runners.

Chambery town is surrounded by a number of large lakes between mountains, where people are swimming, do sailing, rowing, etc. Again, we visited several cities, including Annecy, Lyon, Geneva, Turin and others. The season of skiing that in this region is so popular will start in December-January. So far, we ride bikes that we resurrected by reparation for a new life with help of French bike enthusiasts. Infrastructure for riding bicycle and general culture of people here are especially favorable. Albeit small, Chambery town has a variety of events. Generally, people are friendly and kind. Now our eyes are larger, hearts more open, likewise blood circulation is improved and intake of oxygen improves mood and creates better conditions for mental activity.

At the University of Savoy Mont Blanc we already met four professors that try to give us as more knowledge as they can and to make our legal thinking more good. We will meet more lectures after, but we already saw all of them in the special welcoming evening. During this event we had opportunity to talk with all of them and also to try so delicious French food (French people really love food).

At this moment we mostly are studying contract law (University of Savoy Mont Blanc specialises in contract law and consumer law), discuss it in the context of economic analysis, and we are improving our foreign languages. Also, we are getting additional knowledge about European Economics. Each of our professor is interesting, special in his/her own way, all of them have valuable international experience and has his/her own methods of knowledge transfer.

The professor of Special Contracts of International Business gives us understanding of subtleties of her subject. Mr. Druckman understands the difference between Common Law and Continental Law systems very well, she shows us why there are some misunderstandings between these traditions. Also, we solve a lot of practical tasks and professor gives us some advice how to save money of our clients in the future.

We analyse Contract Law also with a help of economic analysis. Professor Mr. Ambrunaz explains material through simple practical tasks. Also, he is involving us to games that show us behaviour of market participants, which influence it and so on. We discuss a lot too.

In France we already adapted ourselves to the euro. The benefits of introduction of the euro in Lithuania are strongly stressed by our professor of European Economics Mr. Brunat. Moreover, this professor made us more proud of Lithuania because of the hard work that was made and which determined height characteristics of Lithuanian economy. It is the reason why we can join Euro Zone and why we join European Union before. Furthermore, we are encouraged to see ourselves as citizens not only of Lithuania, but also as citizens of European Union. But in fact, between a lot of young people from all over the world (Thailand, Peru, Madagascar, Finland, Germany, England, Unites States of America, Slovenia, Gvadalupe, Estonia, China, France, etc.) that we meet, we can feel like the citizens of the world. Additionally, it is interesting that our professor of economy proposed to buy from us the banknotes of current Lithuanian currency. We sold banknotes of 10 and 20 Litas and told for professor why Lithuanians S. Darius and S. Girėnas and Maironis who can be found on the banknotes are famous.

This is the firs year when in universities in France the language of study programmes can be English. Because of that in the University of Savoy we have a separate little library that contain books in English. These books are chosen for us according to the study subjects. The University does not have access to the literature databases in English, but it does not make any problems because still on the internet we can find a wide range of Literature. On the other hand, it is worth to visit library for studies and a great view behind the windows.

Now we are continuing our journey while feeling as we are on the way to our Mont Blanc. For Faculty of Law of Mykolas Romeris University we are saying thank you for the effective cooperation and full support.

Best regards for everyone from Laurynas, Lina T., Evelina, Gintarė, Adomas, Monika, Jūratė, Lina L., Antanas, Rita, Živilė, Martynas, Olga and Stasys straightly from the West part of the Alps.

ETVmns3-01 group