ETTvAmns16: Third semester in Chambery (Autumn 2017)

European and International Business Law programme at Mykolas Romeris University and University of Savoie Mont Blanc is worth studying not only because of big opportunities, which are just supposed to appear, but also because of autumn semester which we have to handle in the University of Savoie Mont Blanc. First month in Savoie region of France left the best impression to each of us. Savoie is part of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes région. That’s why it is surrounded with huge mountains, which you can see everywhere you go. Our place of studies and daily life is in Chambery – the capital of Savoie region. This city is beautiful because of its nature, polite and always smiling people, variety of cultures and, of course, traces of history, almost on each building, that you pass by.

(Centre de Chambery)

Climate here is little bit warmer than in Lithuania, but sometimes we feel like home (here we also have really rainy days, cold days, hot days, etc.) you never know what to expect. Moreover, Savoie can offer you different ways of spending free time. Active people can do paragliding, via ferrata, skiing, canyoning or hiking. Some of us really love the latest activity. Each Saturday the bus will take you to such places as Beaufortain (where you can try the best cheese ever and reach the top of 2800 meters), Chamonix (where you can see the Glaciers of Mont Blanc), Vanoise National Park (where you can feel like in ‘Mordor’) etc.

(Hiking team)

Also, weather is very pleasant for jogging and riding a bicycle. Notwithstanding, people who have artistic souls can travel to Lyon, Grenoble, Switzerland (Bern, Geneva) and enjoy beautiful views from the mountains, walk around these cities, feel the spirit of history and visit museums.

So that is probably enough of presentation of our location in general. Let’s start from the very beginning – Induction week, which is organized each year by the University of Savoie Mont Blanc. We came to Chambery at 24th of August and at 26th we were traveling to La Feclaz for one week of adventures, activities and priceless experiences. During this week we met almost 120 students from all over the world (from United States of America to China and Japan). And you know what? The differences between cultures with some of them are huge, but despite this, we all have a lot of things in common: we love to have great time, we came here to explore France, to make new friends, to meet new challenges, to share our traditions and culture with other and also to accept the same from them. This Induction week brought us very intensive French lessons, sports activities such as hiking, canyoning, horse riding, via ferrata and tree climbing. Furthermore, each evening we made meetings to know more about each other, to enjoy fresh night air of the mountains, to use each moment meaningfully. After all these great days we had an amazing party the last night, and for that we should be thankful for organizers, because it was really unforgettable night for each of us. So, after this, we honestly recommend for other students to use this enormous opportunity and to join the Induction week next year. Believe us, you will be so happy that you participated. Because now in this small city each day we meet those people and it is really amazing to know someone when you are in other country.

(Induction week)

After that we had plenty of time to spend by ourselves, because studies began only on 18th of September. What we figured out, that Chambery is easy to explore by foot. The construction of city is really not difficult. You just have to walk a lot and it is enough to know everything you need, or if you prefer faster way of exploring, you can rent a bike or even buy it, as some of us did. What is strange for us – on Sundays no one is working. So, if you want something from the shops you have to take care of it on Saturday. What is worth knowing – the cheapest meal you can have here is fast food, because on the restaurants prices are much higher than in Lithuania. Despite that, croissants are cheap and extremely good here. But if you prefer homemade food, we recommend going to big supermarkets, to get more for lower price.

Okay, it is enough of guiding tour around Chambery. Let’s go to the best part of our time here – lectures. We are pleasantly surprised of teachers, their methods and really close communication with students. As one of us said: “you will never fall asleep during the lectures, because the classes of each professor differ significantly”. Teachers are more concentrated on practical and team work, discussions on global problems in economy, politics and especially in law fields. This is great, since usually lectures of law are mostly of taking notes of theory, which is sometimes hard to remember. Here we are always into debates about hypothetical and real cases, trying to find solutions and main points of each situation. Furthermore, despite obligatory French lessons, university has additional French courses free of charge, which we attend according to our level of French languages.

To finish our first month impressions, we want to thank for both universities – Mykolas Romeris University and University of Savoie Mont Blanc for this great opportunity and support of this programme. Furthermore, we are very grateful for supervisors of these studies: Virginijus Bitė and Eric Brunat, who are always ready to help in all kind of questions.

(Dream team ETTvAmns16)

Best regards from all our super international group and once again THANK YOU!: Ačiū (LT), Дякую (UA), Paldies (LV), Merci (FR), Sağ ol (AZ).