Economical Integration of the European Union

Course title:

Economical Integration of the European Union


3 semester


5 ECTS credits

Contact work hours:

18 (lectures – 8, workshops – 8, assessment – 2)

Independent work hours:


Language of instruction:



Prof. dr. Éric Brunat

Annotation: The course on Economical Integration of the European Union is an introduction to the analysis of the process of economic integration in Europe. It starts with a definition of the economic integration process then moves on to a wider European perspective. Then it turns to a thorough examination of the impact of economic integration, mainly through the single market including agriculture, trade and finance. Finally, it examines how the creation of EMU (European Monetary Union) has affected the pace of economic integration in Europe and how this process has affected the functioning of the EMU in return. The main objective of this advanced course is thus to improve students´ ability to understand the current European economic policies, to present the main ideas and components of European Integration (EI), to assess them and to present own views.

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