International Commercial Litigation

Course title:

International Commercial Litigation


2 semester


6 ECTS credits

Contact work hours:

50 (lectures – 32, workshops – 16, assessment – 2)

Independent work hours:


Language of instruction:



Assoc. prof. dr. Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė

Assoc. prof. dr. Solveiga Palevičienė

Annotation: The main objective of the subject of International Commercial Litigation is to enable students to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of an international representation and specialized-complex national, international and European Union law in commercial dispute resolution, ability to competently apply it in real resolution of international commercial disputes, skills of international litigation and professional counseling of business. Course of International Commercial Litigation consists of 16 topics, which conditionally can be attributed to two parts: first, common issues of international litigation and second, special regulation of investment dispute settlement. During first part of the course students will become familiar with and will deeper their basic knowledge of International Private Law in such topics as international jurisdiction, applicable law, judicial cooperation, enforcement of foreign judgments, international procedures of litigation, etc. from the perspective of procedural law and from the point of view of litigants. In second part students will listen and practice on specific topics of nature, evolution and context of international investment law, investment dispute settlement and procedure before ICSID and other means of solving investment disputes, arbitration, etc.

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