Course title:



4 semester


6 ECTS credits

Contact work hours:

18 (training – 16, assessment -2)

Independent work hours:


Language of instruction:



Assoc. prof. dr. Regina Valutytė

Annotation: The goals of the traineeship are: to deepen and consolidate knowledge in European and International business law acquired during the studies period; improve skills in independently applying theoretical knowledge in professional work; gain familiarity with the specifics of the professional work field. The students will perform the traineeship in Lithuanian, French or other foreign companies, other enterprises, law firms providing business law consultations and / or other organizations offering business law consultations. The traineeship term is 2 calendar months. The students’ traineeship monitoring will be implemented by the traineeship supervisors who will provide the students with the necessary assistance related to questions regarding traineeship implementation and its content by e-mail and during consultations hours. The traineeship performance will be finished by the traineeship report.

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