International Banking Law

Course title:

International Banking Law


1 semester


6 ECTS credits

Contact work hours:

50 (lectures – 32, workshops – 16, assessment – 2)

Independent work hours:


Language of instruction:



Assoc. prof. dr. Tomas Talutis

Annotation: The aim of the course is to enable to gain the business law knowledge on an international regulation of banking activity and on issues of bank‘s transactions and services which are provided to clients in usual international activity of banks, as well as to enable to acquire skills to apply the knowledge gained in specific practical situations related to banking activity, bank’s transactions and services which are provided by banks. The course on International Banking Law is divided in two main parts: one part is about international banking transaction and another part is about international regulation of banking activity. During the first part of the course students will be made familiar with the regulation on international banking transactions, such as banks’ account, credit relations, investment services and dealing with financial instruments, bank guarantees, leasing and factoring, trade finance, etc. During the second part of the course student will learn the regulation of banking activity, including the regulation of banks’ authorisation, organizational requirements for banks, prudential treatment of banks’ activity, recovery and resolution of banks, cross-border activity of banks, etc.

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