European and International Insolvency Law

Course title:

European and International Insolvency Law


2 semester


6 ECTS credits

Contact work hours:

50 (lectures – 32, workshops – 16, assessment – 2)

Independent work hours:


Language of instruction:



Prof. dr. Rimvydas Norkus

Annotation: In times of economic uncertainty Insolvency Law is playing increasingly important role in national and international business relationships. Since business is becoming more internationalised, Insolvency Law has to reflect that trend and offer solutions for debtors and creditors facing cross-border insolvency scenarios. During the course ‘European and International Insolvency Law’ students will be made familiar with the basic concepts of insolvency as an economic and legal phenomenon. They will learn about main proceedings of business rescue and liquidation available in the major jurisdictions in the European Union and worldwide. Students will be provided with information about most important legal provisions in selected countries and will be encouraged to analyse them on the basis of factual scenarios. They will gain a comparative understanding of some national Insolvency Law systems and will be able to conduct an independent analysis from the point of view of the debtor, creditor and the judge. In addition to that, the course is designed to make students acquainted  with the problematic of cross-border insolvency. European Insolvency Regulation, its practical application and revision are discussed extensively during this course. Other international legal sources and instruments of soft-law, such as produced by UNCITRAL, are also presented during this course.

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