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MRUs approach of diversity in education is what I was looking for

Tetiana Pashko, Master degree student from Ukraine, studying at Mykolas Romeris University’s (MRU) joint master programme European and International Business Law agreed to answer some questions about her studies in Lithuania:

Why did you choose to study in Lithuania?

Tetiana: I set myself a goal to study abroad, that is why I was looking for different opportunities during all the time of my Bachelor studies. I choose Lithuania because my friends, who had already graduated from one of the Lithuanian Universities, suggested me to obtain Master degree here. So, I decided to take this chance and make a challenge. Additionally, higher education institutions of Lithuania are actively involved as part of several international programs and agreements with Ukrainian universities, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Lithuania offer several scholarship opportunities to foreign students. Continue reading

Be sure about the programme you have chosen and look to broader opportunities

Gulnara Taghiyeva, Master degree student from Azerbaijan, chose joint master study programme European and International Business Law at Mykolas Romeris University. She agreed to share her experience about studies in Lithuania:

What influenced your decision to come to study in Lithuania the most?

Gulnara: I was working in the sphere of contracts and faced a lot of issues related to taxes, business law and understood that I have gaps. Therefore, I decided to continue education and take masters. My main aim was to find a programme in international commercial or business law. After search in different study portals I found International and European Business Law program in MRU. Initially coming to Lithuania was not my goal, as I wanted to study in Germany, but found the program which exactly reflected my idea on perfect international business law program in Lithuania. Also double degree proposed by this programme was a great plus and strengthened my intention to study here. I also was honored with State scholarship and was touched that Lithuanian government found me as prospective student. So after taking some thoughts I decided that studying in Lithuania will be the best option for me. Continue reading

Coordinators of the Programme

Prof. Dr. Virginijus BitėAs coordinator of the Programme, I would like to invite all ambitious and cosmopolitan persons to joint this Programme. I am sure that our international team composed of renowned experts and the smart curriculum will allow students to develop their skills and knowledge necessary to make them the professional business lawyers of tomorrow. [Prof. Dr. Virginijus Bitė, Head of the Programme and Director of the Institute of Private Law at Faculty of Law, Mykolas Romeris University]

Prof. Dr. Eric BrunatThis joint Master’s degree (double diploma) fully delivered in English jointly by the Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius, Lithuania (Master 1, first year), and the Université Savoie Mont Blanc in Chambéry, France (Master 2, second year), is an outstanding opportunity for ambitious students to get two Master’s degrees in private law according to European standards. As a result of more than ten years of close partnership, the two Universities are offering an original / innovative double diploma with a strong theoretical and practical training, which makes it all the more valuable on the labor market. This “European and International Business Law” Master’s degree, which includes an interesting and attractive multicultural approach, is an asset for the best professionals in business law both in Europe and worldwide”. [Prof. Dr. Eric Brunat, Director of the EIBL Master’s degree and in charge of mission “Eastern Europe and Baltic States” at the Law Faculty in Chambéry, Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France]

A former student: “No doubts that this master programme significantly contributed to my career”

image001Innovations, opportunity to discover your practice area, contacts and gaining experience from the best Western Europe academics – this is only a small part what you can obtain by studying in the European and International Business Law programme. I strongly recommend it not only because of its highly professional lecturers, but also due to the possibility to get in touch with business as a whole. Continue reading

Ina from Georgia: “I really enjoy my master’s programme in European and International Business Law“

ina_georgia_testimonials_eblawMore and more Georgian students are choosing studies at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), Lithuania. Currently there are about 30 students, who are seeking for Bachelor or Master degree.

Thus, we decided to meet Ina Katamadze, Master degree student in European and International Business Law joint degree programme with University of Savoie Mont Blanc, France, and ask how does she like it. Continue reading

First graduates: “the Programme is definitely recommended for those who have ambitions becoming future experts in the field of business law”

As former students of the “European and International Business Law” programme, we are first of all grateful to the lecturers of the programme that made our studies both challenging and yet very rewarding. Also special thanks should be given to fellow students and administrative staff of the university. The extensive theoretical and practical knowledge that we have gained during studies in this programme would facilitate our future careers in legal area. Continue reading

Mindaugas Žolynas: Programme‘s evaluation (practitioner‘s approach)

Mindaugas ŽolynasI am grateful very much for granted opportunity to participate in seminar and deliver presentation on topic Mergers and acquisitions to the students of the European and International Business Law Master`s Degree Programme.

Taking into account the importance and effect of mergers and acquisitions upon the business and economy, I do share my compliments to the Mykolas Romeris University for valuable contribution to the society. Firstly, the adaptation of the science and lectures to the business needs gives the University a competitive advantage. Secondly, I truly believe that the lectures on theoretical and practical issues and trends in the field of mergers and acquisitions create a remarkable educational value to the future legal professionals, who consequently will have certain advantage and readiness to be involved in M&A transaction teams from the very beginning of their professional activities. Continue reading

ETVmns3-01 group: Semester in Chambery (Autumn 2014)

ETVmns3-01 GroupAfter the first year of studies of European and International Business Law (L.M.M.), we stated our second year of studies at Savoy Mont Blanc University. The first month in the region of Savoy has left for us an indelible impression. Here is a beautiful, magnificent and vibrant nature that inspires with energy, and at the same time gives gentleness, happiness and positive thoughts. Maybe it is the reason why a famous French philosopher, writer, political theorist, educator of 18th century J. J. Rousseau drew inspiration in the region of Savoy (including our town Chambery). Here, between the clouds and breathtaking nature, it seems that you can breathe in more truth about the surrounding reality. Continue reading