Why study in this Programme?

  • Competitive knowledge this Programme is for the ambitious, future leaders who will be able to work in a multicultural environment in the private (law firms, business advising companies, financial institutions, etc.) and public sector (national, European and international institutions promoting, supervising or monitoring business), in commercial litigation bodies or to provide independent business legal consulting services.

  • International studiesheld in Vilnius, Lithuania (MRU) and in France, Chambery (USMB).

  • Two diplomas of EU Member States universities are obtained: Master in law (LL.M.) by MRU and Master2 by USMB.

  • Renowned experts in the field – majority of subjects are covered by the academics who are also practicing lawyers, judges of the Supreme Court and other experienced and qualified experts from Lithuania, France, as well as by visiting professors from other countries (U.S., UK, Belgium, Austria, etc.).

  • Traineeship – acquiring of practical skills in enterprises, law firms or other organizations acting in the field of business law across Europe.

  • French language – learning or improving your French.

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